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  • DiSC

  • PIAV (Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values)

The Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment 

For Coaches only who want to try it out first, you may purchase it  for a limited time using a special code.
You must put in User Code 3456 just above your credit card information.

Act Now -  30% Off - You won't regret it!

Special Features: Completely online. Clients have thirty days to have others complete this on them anonymously.  At the end of this time they get a full report with a
comparison of how they see themselves compared to others.  Comes with a 60 page workbook and easy to read chart.  

The Platinum Rule Behavioural Styles Assessments divides behavioral preferences into four basic styles.  Everyone possesses the qualities of each style to various degrees and everyone has a dominant style.   They are:

  • Director
  • Socializer
  • Relater
  • Thinker

Coach Considerations: I firmly believe that this is THE tool for coaches: no set-up or distributor charges,  easy to master, cost effective, built in multi-rater format and simple to administer.  You can use this with team and generate a team chart  
Administrators: Click below to find out about becoming an associate or an affiliate member. 

The Disc Style System
Retails for $69.95US 
Special Features: Completely online. You have thirty days to have others complete this on you anonymously.  At the end of this time you get a full report with a comparison of how you see yourself compared to others. 
Coach ConsiderationsThis a somewhat more complicated system than the Platinum Rule and requires training in the use of DISC.

The DISC  is the universal language of behavior. Research has shown that behavioral characteristics can be grouped together in four major divisions called personality styles. People with similar styles tend to exhibit specific behavioral characteristics common to that style. All people share these four styles in varying degrees of intensity. The acronym DISC stands for the four personality styles represented by the letters: D (Drive), I (Influence), S (Steadiness), and C (Compliance).


Special Features:  Completely online. 

You can download a 13 page report.
The FIRO-B is a powerful instrument that assesses how personal needs affect an individual's behavior toward other people. It offers insights into an individual's compatibility with other people, as well as into his or her individual characteristics. This information can help an individual maximize the impact of his actions, recognize options for increasing job satisfaction and productivity, and explore alternate ways to achieve goals.
Coach Considerations:  Must be qualified to purchase level B instruments.

MBTI  - Form Q Interpretive and coaching debrief

Special Features:  Completely online.  
You will receive an 18 page report.
The MBTI is designed to help you become aware of your particular gifts as well as pointing out areas in need of improvement. Through this process, you gain an understanding and appreciation of the ways in which people are different.
Giving an in-depth, personalized account of an individual’s personality preferences, the MBTI provides a report of personality type and secondly, gives an indication of the unique way individuals express their preferences. Differences in people's behavior are actually a result of each person having preferences for particular ways of perceiving and judging.
Coach Considerations:  Must be qualified to purchase level B instruments which is usually done by completing a minimum four day training.

The Personality SystemRegularly $19.95US - yours for 25% less
Special Features:  Completely online.  You will receive a 22 page report.
This online system identifies an individual's personality style, D, I, S, or C by using a simple 24-question profile (takes only 7-minutes!) and helps provide understanding to the differences in people, providing a personal review of each individual's strengths and limitations, and gives an action plan to improve relationships. This profile utilizes three-graph analysis.
Coach Considerations:  There is an administrator site for coaches and costs are very reasonable.

The Personal Style Indicator
Regularly $19.95US - yours for 25% less
The Personal Style Indicator™  is a fun, fast-paced tool that helps you better understand your own personality style and how it “fits” in the world around you. It is not a test that can be passed or failed. In fact, it’s completely self-administered and self-scoring – no one needs to know its answers but you!  Similar to the DISC, this tool is an interesting variation on the concepts of extroversion and introversion.  
Coach Considerations:  There is no administrator site for coaches.  The data must be provided by the client.    

DiSC  and or PIAV   
Special Features:  Each 24 page report makes up a powerful full self assessment package.
The DiSC is the mostly widely used and accepted assessment tool next to the MBTI.  Both tools are based on sound theories and models.  They are behavioural in nature and considered highly reliable and valid.  The PIAV (Personal  Interest Attitudes and Values) is one of the few accessible instruments that looks at attitudes/values.  In other words, it helps you to truly determine the best working environment for you.  
Coach Considerations:  Whether you go with Inscape or TTI, as I have, there is a major outlay to become a distributor.  On-line assess has an additional charge.  I have found two other on-line versions that I feel have better value for your investment.

Personal Communications Style Report  
Retails for $20US - yours for 25% less<Special Features:  Completely online.  You can go back two more times to retake the instrument.
Coach Considerations:  Can be very awkward to administer on-line.  

The Kolbe A Index / Instinct

Retails $49.95US - yours for 20% less
Special Features:  Completely online. 
Coach Considerations:  You can purchase for a client or have them do it directly online. 

The Corporate Assessment Option Program
Your coaching source and resource for assessment tools

Special Offer for a limited time.  Act Now for a discount.

You won't regret it!

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Your coaching source and resource for assessment tools


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I am not a trained psychologist.  I have received training in at lest half of the tools mentioned above - most formally.  Some of the instruments are self taught but I have used all of them professionally at one time or another.

I am qualified to purchase many of these tools and instruments directly from the publishers.  I did purchase a distributorship for TTI Performance Systems as it was the only way I could purchase a specific instrument that interested me.  I am also own the business AssessmentsNow which provides The Platinum Rule among other on-line assessments


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