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The Platinum Rule!

Below are a list of all the features of becoming an Associate with AssessmentsNow.  In addition, I have created some resources for those who become an associate with me that will make this a powerful and easy tool to use with all of your clients.  Get in touch with me to find out how you too can add this to your toolkit with no distributor, set-up or registration fees!  Your only cost will be your time and the cost to purchase one assessment.  ($39.95US unless you buy in a block lot)

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Your coaching source and resource for assessment tools

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The Associate Administration Panel is a key tool for Associates, providing flexibility for training options and important data to track member progress. It is a personalized, private AssessmentsNow Behavioural Style Assessment Home Page for each Associate. It allows the Associate to:

  • Pre-purchase assessments at a discount:
    One AssessmentsNow Behavioural Style Assessment includes the online self-assessment; an unlimited number of observer assessments for a 30-day period; and a comprehensive, personalized report and eGraph of the results, all on a personalized home page for each client (refereed to as member).  An ebook is also available for download.
  • Distribute AssessmentsNow Behavioural Style Assessment to your clients (referred to as members) by simply entering each individual’s first name, last name, and email address. Click send, and an email goes to them. 
  • Track your account status - how many assessments have been used, how many are left, and order more.
  • View the eGraphs and reports of your members who are authorized to take the AssessmentsNow Behavioural Style Assessment. This feature also allows you to see which members have taken the assessment and send automated reminders to those who have not.
  • Permit or block members from seeing their personalized report and eGraph. Why block it? If you want to present the members with their reports and eGraphs at the time of the training session, meeting, etc. (so the members don’t get ahead of themselves), you have the ability to do so.
  • Print the collective results of up to 20 members on a single eGraph with color codes and a color key to identify each individual member. This is great when you’re working with a group and want to see at a glance where everyone falls on the graph in relation to each other.
  • Track your affiliate sales.  You will receive a link that you can use to sent potential users from your site directly to AssessmentsNow.  If a purchase is made, your account will be credited.


This is a personalized, private AssessmentsNow Behavioural Style Assessment Home Page for each member (your individual client).  It allows the Member to:

  • Invite observers to complete the AssessmentsNow Behavioural Style Assessment on the member
  • View observers invited - This is where the member can view, at a glance, all the observers he/she invited and can see who has completed the assessment and who hasn’t. For those observers who have not yet completed the assessment for the member, the member only needs to click on a “send” button, and reminders are automatically sent to observers who have not yet completed the assessment.
  • View and print their comprehensive, personalized report
    (if Associate permits access).
  • View and print their personalized eGraph


  • Five weekly emails samples that you can use with your clients (members) to help them get the most out of the tool and guide you in your coaching sessions with them.
  • An e-Zine on key concerns and common questions
  • Free Quarterly Teleclasses for all my Associates to share ideas.  Each class will cover a key element on using the model and tool.  
  • The WorkBook Program is available either individually or through teleclasses at an additional fee for my Associates to make sure that they become properly certified to use all of the material.


The Platinum Rule:
Discover the Four Basic Business Personalities - 
And How They Can Lead You to Success 
by Anthony Alessandra, et al

The Platinum Rule divides behavioral preferences into four basic styles:

  • Director
  • Socializer
  • Relater
  • Thinker

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Click below to find out how you too can add this to your toolkit.

Your coaching source and resource for assessment tools

Five reasons why every coach should have this assessment in their toolkit:

S tickiness
M ulti-rater and Team compatible
A dds value in a cost effective manner
R eports and Workbooks are extensive
T echnical background

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