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Developing the Leader Within You

Developing the Leader Within You by John C. Maxwell, 
Thomas Nelson; second edition 2000, ISBN:

I have a bad habit.  Someone recommends a specific book to me and I will often buy a different one by the same author.  Sometimes it is because I have forgotten the book title, but more often, it is because the book is on sale.  That should be my first clue.  That's what happened a few months ago with Gary Zukab's book.

This was a wonderful surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed all of this book.  It was an easy read full of wonderful quotes and stories and lists.  I will be using this regularly for quotes or quick bullet lists in my training workshops and presentations.  Very pithy indeed.  The only reason it gets three not four balls is that some readers might find it full of platitudes and lacking substance.  Perhaps this might be a valid complaint, but I didn't find it that way for me personally.

The book is well laid out with various fonts and sizes that surprisingly is not distracting.  It is easy to follow and has a review section at the end of each chapter.  There is apparently an on-line leadership skills assessment survey.  Unfortunately the link showed up as an error for me and when I tried to load the home page it froze my computer twice so I gave up trying

Developing the Leader Within You is a great introduction to the broad concept of leadership as opposed to management.  It may be presented with the author's bias as Maxwell does tend to make sweeping statements.  However, his views are usually backed up with references but not always. I can highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand more about the principles of leadership on an organizational and personal level.

RFH (01/10)

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