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Soul Stories

Soul Stories
by Gary Zukab, Fireside, 2000 ISBN:

I had the opportunity to buy either The Seat of the Soul or Zukav's new on Soul Stories.  Since I thought some short stories would make great bedtime reading I picked up the later.  It is now four months later and it still sits on my bedside with a couple of more stories to go.  I think that says it all.  This book gets quite a good rating from most readers, but the following expresses best my feelings about the book.  They say it much better than I do.

Reviewer: G.E. Nesbitt from Alphen aan den Rijn Netherlands
After having read The Seat of the Soul, and been totally blown away by the ideas presented, I did not expect the let down that Soul Stories turned out to be. I had expected this, companion book, to dig deeper into the philosophies presented in the first book, but by comparison this is a much shallower, more commercial book, where little supplementary wisdom can be found

Reviewer: Peters Maclean from Prince Edward Island, Canada
What did disappoint me about the book is the manner in which many of the sentences were structured - short and choppy. By the time the end of the book arrived, the style was down-right annoying and reminded me of my first primary reader in grade school.

Reviewer: Ann H. Katsuyoshi from New Bern, NC United States
A bit too self-indulgent for my tastes. Told me a lot more about his life than I cared to know (especially since it wasn't all that exciting). Full of aging-hippy platitudes. I could almost smell the incense burning. Former aggressive, military type finds true happiness by getting in touch with his inner child, loving everybody and chewing on tree bark and weeds. Yadda, yadda yadda. We can expect the infomercial any day.

RFH (01/07)

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