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THE GOAL "Develop a more professional appearance for my business business cards, brochure, etc."
THE CHALLENGE "Poor Time Management habits procrastination in preparation and planning"
THE STRATEGY "Your coaching has helped me take action towards creating a website that would otherwise still be in the dreaming stage. Specifically, the process has helped me identify some of the things that are holding me back, not only in the creation of the site, but in the building of my practice. Last, but not least, your technical savvy is awesome!"
THE OUTCOME This coach has build a full time coaching practice in just over one year from scratch which meets her own personal values, vision and financial needs.





After taking the summer off, the client decided to find a new position in either project management in an IT environment or at the Director Level with a broader scope.  The client felt that this could easily be done in two months.

THE CHALLENGE The client and I were able to establish more realistic time frames as well as identify possible individuals with whom to meet for informational interviewing.

"I have pursued numerous options via the networking route that I likely would not have without your coaching to approach each interaction as an opportunity to initiate another interaction and open another door."


"I know this is brief - but it boils down to the bottom line that you steered me away from the parochial approach , which has left everyone I interacted with feeling comfortable and perhaps open to another meeting. I feel smarter, more in control and more confident and generally better positioned as a result. Excellent vantage point going forward."

THE OUTCOME The right job offer with both a match in work and culture within 12 weeks.  The individual continues to expand his responsibilities and enjoys the new challenges.





Develop a stronger professional image to increase credibility.

THE CHALLENGE The client realized that how she came across to others was not getting the results that she wanted but was having trouble moving beyond her position of "It shouldn't matter how I look if I get the results"

"Risk taking is good--I ask myself, " what is the worst thing that could  happen?" appearances do matter, and a professional image is worth the effort. don't equivocate--be definite in statements."


"Coaching has helped me by (1) forcing me to focus on my career goals, (2) take small steps towards improvement and (3) accept both compliments and constructive criticism in the spirit in which it is intended. Strangely enough, I have learned that it is just important to accept a compliment graciously as it is to accept criticism. Dismissing a compliment is disrespectful to the person who pays the compliment----I can see that now, and had never thought about it that way before."

THE OUTCOME "I speak with confidence at meetings, and am considerably more assertive when it comes to my personal interests, i.e. work space, leave requests, opportunities etc.  This new found confidence has enabled me to make presentations to senior management and not only be comfortable, but really enjoy myself in the process.  This revelation will now guide me in shaping my role to allow for more such opportunities."

The client received the "Outstanding Employee Award" just at the close of her coaching program.



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