"Career management coaches...can identify missing skills or style difficulties and offer pragmatic tips..."

What is coaching?

Coaching occurs when two people choose to work together regularly toward one person's goals.  It involves expanding a person's capacity to take effective action.

What is mentor coaching?

The process is similar but is specifically aimed at helping new and established coaches develop not only their practice but also their professional foundations.  Every coach who wishes to become accredited with the ICF is required to have a certain amount of coaching from a PCC.

What is the make-up of your practice?

About 60% of my business is dedicated to coaching.  The rest is doing some facilitation and training.  I try to keep a third of my coaching practice open as a Mentor Coach and the rest is devoted to working with Senior Managers and Executives.  And yes, I do make a good living as a Coach.

Why does coaching work?

Coaching works because it brings consistent focus and action on your life goals. It is a "Just in Time" approach to an individual's development.  Coaches can help people come to grips with huge changes in today's work environment and help them in getting through these big transitions.

What do I do as a coach?

Specifically, this is what I do with you during our coaching sessions:

• Listen. I listen with all my focus on you. I listen to what you say, what you are trying to say, and what you're not saying.  Sometimes, I am just a sounding board. 

• Challenge. I ask the hard questions and encourage you to discover your own answers. 

• Support. You are the focus and I am there to encourage you.  I will share with you my advice, ideas, comments, and perspectives on your situation, dilemma, or opportunity.

• Request. I want a lot for you. Part of my job is to be a few steps ahead of you, yet be with you. As such, I ask you what you are committed to achieving and make requests of you.

How does it work? A lot of my coaching occurs on the telephone. That's called tele-coaching. We'll also use email and faxes to supplement the calls. You call me at a pre-scheduled time. Most clients call me once per week at the same time each week. Calls last between 30 and 40 minutes.
What does a coaching session look like?

A recap and pre-meeting sheet is usually completed prior to the coaching session. The format of the coaching conversation follows the "I GROW" model. This model has five steps:

  1. Identifying the Issues

  2. Goal Setting – looking at the longer term and determining what can be accomplished during this session

  3. Reality – the substance for getting at the root and identifying assumptions and roadblocks.

  4. Options – brainstorming and exploring possibilities

  5. What’s next – determining strategy and setting out specific action plans

Sounds interesting but why would I pick you? That is probably the most important question.  Coaching is relationship based and you may need to talk to a couple of coaches before making your decision.  As one of my clients says:  ". . . comfortable conversations with someone I trust."

If you need a safe place to explore – I listen without taking sides. 
If you're looking for answers – I have questions. 
If you take yourself too seriously – I find humour in most situations. 
If you're committed to a life of integrity – I am committed to this too. 
If you are afraid – We can create ways to move forward. 
If you can't wait any longer – Give me a call. 

Here are some ways to get a sense of who I am.  Start with the following link and move on from there.

So what do I do next?

Call me at (613) 237-1368 or e-mail me at roberta@wghill.com to set up a complimentary introductory session.  If we go ahead, I will send you some material to read and complete.  I will suggest a three month commitment, but we go from month to month.  We can discuss cost over the telephone, but it will range from $375US to $500US a month.  There is a different rate if you want longer or more frequent calls per week.  Mentor Coaching has a special rate for the first three months.  Payment can be made by VISA or MasterCard over the telephone at the beginning of each month.

Partnering with you as you acquire key information, translate it into knowledge and create your own wisdom.



What you need to know to reach your full potential . . . 

As a Mentor & Leadership Coach, I work primarily with two types of individuals:

  1. Other coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs who want to take their practice to the next level.

  2. Entrepreneurs and middle managers who have made a commitment to improving their leadership abilities





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