Experiential Learning Cycle

People learn in different ways.  There are a number of factors in combination that affect the way in which your participants and clients gain knowledge. Three factors contributing to your learning style that we will look at include: 

  • Sensory Preferences 

  • Reasoning Preferences 

  • Learning Environment 

There has been a significant amount of work done which helps us understand how managers and others learn from their experiences. Kolb (1984) argued that it is useful to refine the concept of reflection by dividing it into two separate learning activities, perceiving and processing.. From this combination Kolb developed a four stage learning cycle, which in turn was further developed by Honey and Mumford (1989).

NEW PROGRAM:  Leveraging Accelerated Learning and Learning Styles to Enhance Your Business Practice

I am offering a five session teleclass program around the Experiential Learning Styles Model to help coaches identify, understand and apply different learning techniques. We will also cover how to use accelerated learning techniques.  It would be the prerequisite for my program on learning how and when to use various assessment instruments. The cost is $75.

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Dates/Times: Five Consecutive Mondays, October 15, to November 12, 2001 
: 11am -12pm Eastern
Tuition: $75 US (pilot) regularly $125 US  CLOSED

Week 1 - Accelerated Learning and Coaching

  • Principles
  • How the brain learns
  • Concepts - Andragogy

Week 2 - Experiential Learning Model

  • Adult learning recap - four phases
  • Kolb (see diagram above)
  • McCarthy

Week 3 -Learning Domains

  • Modality
  • Four styles of Honey: Activists, Theorists, Reflectors, Pragmatists
  • Styles and multiple intelligences (Gardner)

Week 4 - Instruments and learning

  • Intro to MBTI and learning
  • Intro to Hermann Brain Dominance and learning
  • Other models raised

Week 5 - Recap and Summary

  • Coaching to all styles
  • Double and Single loop learning (Argyris)


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