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Rearrange the cards in this formation so that each horizontal, vertical and diagonal line of three adds up to fifteen.

Last month's solution:
The missing number is 3. The number in each area denotes the number of bordering areas.

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December 1999 Newsletter
Chaos & Uncertainty


Never has humanity combined so much power with so much disorder, so much anxiety with so many playthings, so much knowledge with so much uncertainty.

Paul Valéry
"Historical Fact", 1932

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Tip for the Month:


Rule One: Show Up

Being willing to give something a try – showing up for the event, showing up for an opportunity.

Rule Two: Be Present

This is more than showing up; it means giving your best to the opportunity presenting itself to you – giving it your very best shot.

Rule Three: Tell the Truth

This is often the most powerful action that you can take – some of us get caught up in saying what we think we are expected to say.

         Rule Four: Let Go of Outcomes

This means doing our best, learning to do all that we are able to, and then letting go of trying to control outcomes and of trying to manipulate the system to bring about our desired ends.

These rules come from the book, Managing Transitions, by William Bridges which is highly recommended reading.

Articles for the Month: What is Chaos Theory?

Here is a brief overview that is quite easy to follow. It has been prepared by Jennifer Au for her geometry class. For a slightly more in-depth introduction alone with some excellent references, try this paper by Gregory Rae.

Next Month: Simplify and Time Management

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