"If I want feedback, Mansfield, I'll pay a consultant for it."


How many slices of pie can be made by six straight vertical cuts?

Last month's solution:

  1. Simpsons live in #4.

  2. Butchers reside at #5.

  3. The Fisher's live next door o the Browns.

  4. The Gables live above the Simpsons.

  5. The Fishers live in #1.

  6. The Gables live in #6.

  7. The Browns live next to the Fishers on the first floor.

  8. The Smiths can hear the Butchers dancing above them.

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June 2000 Newsletter


"No matter what it appears to be, feedback information is almost totally about the giver, not the receiver."
Charlie and Edie Seashore

Silence can be a speech.

New Additions:

  • What Did You Say? : The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback  by Charles N. Seashore, Edith Whitfield Seashore and Gerald. M. Weinberg
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  • We have expanded the Career Section.


To tap into both our imagination and step back and look at things from a greater perspective, take some time to answer the following question.  You can use this activity in a group setting to open up discussions as well.

What would be the consequences if the only feedback that all we got from other people was related to our positive behaviours? 

Tip for the Month:  Receiving Feedback

  1. Take care of yourself first.

  2. If you want feedback, ask for it.

  3. You have the choice of accepting or not accepting feedback.

  4. The feedback that could give you the most information is the one that you are least likely to believe.

  5. See "how it feels" and try not to judge.

  6. Seek clarification.

  7. Finally, if asked to give feedback, remember, you don't have to respond in a way that they asked.

From the book: "What Did You Say?"

Article for the Month:

How to Create Your Own Kitty Hawk by Tom Terez.

Next Month:  Motivation

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