Mr. Chambers enters a period of self acceptance.


The driver of a truckload of ducks is flagged down by the inspector for a weight check.  As he drives onto the weigh scales, he notices that he is just over his permitted tem tons.  Then he has an idea.  He bans on the cab with a spanner.  Alarmed, many of the ducks take to the air and flap about.  will the weight on the weigh scales be reduced?

Last month's solution:

Since the pilot must be able to go in any direction from Buenos Aires without going out of his way, he could only be going to the antipodal point, that is, the point opposite Buenos Aires on the globe, which is Peking China.

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September 2000 E-zine
Letting Go


Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world.
 A Course In Miracles

Change happens NOT by trying to make yourself change, but by becoming aware of what's NOT working.
Shakti Gawai

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Something to Meditate:

Learning to lovingly detach ourselves from the outcome can sometimes pose a real challenge for us. In our human-ness, we tend to hold to our idea of the end result, or we might want to fix people by setting out to maneuver them to our idea of what they need to experience. However, by simply knowing the truth and practicing the art of loving detachment, we free ourselves to enjoy a full and beautiful expression of life. When we allow ourselves to trust that we are divine, magnificent, and creative beings, and to fully trust the flow of divine ideas through us, releasing our hold on what we feel the outcome should be, we then find that the final result is absolutely perfect just as it is, and just as it is not! Often times, it far exceeds our expectations.

Carrie Masters, RScF
"Science of Mind" Magazine
 August 2000 issue


The past is over, but our thoughts about it persist. The conventional view of "forgiveness" says, "Things didn't happen the way I wanted, but I will pretend it did not matter, and remember to rise above the past."  A new model of letting go says, "I give the past permission to be exactly as it was, and start my life anew right now."

For five minutes at the beginning of your day, quietly reflect on past issues that cause you discomfort.  Acknowledge each one silently in your mind, saying, "All things happen for a reason.  This too was meant to be."  After a few minutes of review, affirm yourself once more by saying: "I give the past permission to be exactly as it was, and with intentional self care, I start my life anew right now."

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