We are in the process of updating our workbook to use with clients.  We hope to share some of the exercises and ideas with you.   In the meantime, we recommend that you create your own workbook or journal to keep track of both your learnings and action plans.

First things first.  Before you set out on your journey it is important that you understand your own foundations form which you will be building.  Trying to define you own purpose or vision in life is an excellent starting point.


Do you have a clear purpose in your life? Over the next few months we will take a look at this basic question and give you some resources and exercises to consider.

Exercise One *:

Imagine that your life has a unique purpose – fulfilled through what you do, your relationships and the way you live.

  1. If you could be exactly the kind of person you wanted, what would your qualities be?

  2. What material things would you like to own?

  3. What is your ideal living environment?

  4. What types of relationships would you like to have with friends, family and others?

  5. What would you like to create in the arena of individual health, learning, travel and any other activities?

  6. What is your vision and hope for the community or society you live in?

  7. What is your ideal professional situation and what impact would you like your efforts to have?

  8. Now describe that purpose and personal vision.

* Based on the work of Peter Senge in "The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook".


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