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It is becoming more challenging to keep this list relevant and while I have updated it, please realize that the information may not always be current.
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Throughout time, man has wanted to understand how humans function in the world. From the first nations and on there have been various groupings. Astrology, for example, was once considered a science. The first fully recognized sorting of man was by Hypocrites in 350 BC. After World War One the modern phase of psychology and management began to flourish.

We are now on the verge of the next explosion due to the accessibility through technology of online assessments – both those that are good and those that are not. This is creating a whole new set of pressures and challenges in the use of assessments.  To help coaches, I have established the following blog; Assessments Now, a web site committed to helping coaches and trainers use various assessments in their business and practice. Assessments Now is a licensed site for The Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment. I also have a monthly newsletter.












Client Compass (formerly Intentional Coach 2002) and Coach Track 2004  are two affordable and comprehensive database tracking systems specific for coaches.  I personally use Client Compass  and can strongly recommend it.  (There are features I still haven't used and it has a Mac version.) You can read the manual for Client Compass  on screen which provides a good idea of the software features.   In the fall of 2005, the company was acquired by John Wiley & Sons.

I did evaluate Coach Track a couple of years ago.  It does have a demo version for you to try out.  Act 6 is a contact management system that is not specific to coaching.  I do have colleagues who use this system. You may want to check out their demo which does take a while to load.  Tools4Coaching has a 30 day free evaluation period.  It is a totally on-line system but that comes with a monthly price tag.

An online tracking system with real time calendars that you might want to check out is: Interface Advantage Systems.










The International Coach Federation  is a professional association worldwide of personal and business coaches. It was founded in 1992 and has over 120 chapters throughout the United States and 20 countries.  The ICF also provides a referral service.

The ICF provides a credentialing program for its members and has a list of various accredited coaching programs offered world-wide.  CoachVille also carries a list but the most extensive and up to date appears to be  Peer Resources

The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC)  Please check it out for yourself.

There are now over 130 different coach training programs available.  (For
the complete list go Peer Resources which probably presents the most neutral perspective.)  Choices can be difficult, but they have  created a list of questions that prospective applicants can ask each potential school (also posted on the site) to narrow down the options.





  • I recommend taking a look at the offerings at the CoachVille site.   The past couple of years have proved challenging for CoachVille and most of the free resources no longer available.

  • Another resource that you can join is the International Association for Coaches (IAC)   It is not longer free but  check out some of their special benefits, like a free MAPP assessment.  The MAPP assessment is free for ICF members.

  • For a list of other excellent source of professional coaching organizations, associations and networks be sure to check out this link on Peer Resources.


























  • Peer Resources has a fantastic list of Coaching Newsletters Available on a Complimentary Basis.  Check out all of their resources and do consider joining their network.
  • For those of you in Europe, you may want to check out the EuroCoachList
  • Coaching Innovation calls itself a new coaching think tank.  Check it out for yourself.
  • The Coaching Zone is a a whole site of resources for coaches and those interested in finding out about the coaching profession.
  • One of my favourite newsletters is John Agno's Coach to Coach Network Newsletter.   To get connected, a coach should send an email message to:

  • CoachVille has study groups, local chapters and a listserve for coaches.  More info can be found at the link.

  • CoachU has established a vast number of Public Special Interest Groups (SIGs).  The ICF also has a number of SIG's but you must be a member to join.  Click on links to see if your own area of interest is there.  
  • Blogs are the latest thing in coaching and I think here to stay.  If you want to set up your own, I recommend that you check out some of the suggestions of Andy Wibbels.  Here are a few that I can like and love to recommend (including my own): 
  • Don't forget about my own Coaching Debates which is broader and more general in nature.  This is a Free Teleclass / Teleclass Forum.

Or faster still, send a blank email to:

Subscribe to The Coaching Debates
  • The Organization Development Network also hosts an email list for coaching professionals, as the OD profession and the coaching profession work collaboratively to develop individuals, leadership and organization competence. It is not very active these days for some reason.













  • 24/7 Coaching advertises that at just $69 for a Standard LIFETIME Membership, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.  They convinced me.  However, that is just to access resources and post your events.  To get the referral service, it will cost you $299.  I  have the Lifetime Professional Membership but to be honest, I think the standard membership may be sufficient.  One another note, there is also the organizational listing which AssessmentsNow is checking to see if it will be worthwhile.
  • The International Coach Federation provides a referral service.
  • Peer Resources also lists coaches and has recently developed an association with The Coach Connection
  • If you are attending or have graduated from CoachU or Corporate Coach University, has a new program that costs $375 and can be found under : The International Coaching Directory as well as FindACoach.  Students and graduates can get a small listing for free.  I no longer maintain a full listing.  Many people use this database to locate a coach.
  • The Coach Connection is a service that qualifies both the client and the coach..  Cost was $120 US.  I joined early and the organizers are clearly working hard to promote the coaches. 
  • The Coaching Circles will list you if you qualify and they take a percentage off the top for any clients that they refer.  No initial cost to join.

  • LocateACoach is a small referral service that appears to be associated with Teleclass International.  Cost to join is about $13 per month and that is all I know.




What sets you apart from other coaches?  
Most successful coaches have at least one product in their business structure. One tangible, sellable item that helps to attract clients, leverage other products or services and build a professional reputation. What's yours?   Here are two that I can recommend.

  • Get the Right Assessment Just In Time for Your Clients. This is my own shameless self promotion.  Assessments Now has over 12 online assessments available to coaches or your clients 24/7.   In some instances, you can send a client directly to our More Profiles section, OR better still open your own Associate Account that you administer completely .  Associate costs per assessment (minimum purchase 5) are the maximum you pay - less if you purchase in larger volumes.  Your contact info goes on the bottom of client reports.  Click here to see the various assessments offered as well as the costs to coaches.

  • Nancy Morris has developed a great tool for your clients that can use and you can customize as a distributor:  The Goal Getter Kit is more than a book or series of automated emails - it is a total system to help you and your clients get your goals - guaranteed. 









I often get asked about teleclass training.  I have three suggestions.  One is a basic, marketing, design approach  and the others much more of a practicum.
  • Teleclass4U   These guys have great training and the first four week program is free. They follow this up with two other programs.  Their approach is less sales driven than Dave Buck but the philosophical style truly resonated with me.   I strongly suggest having more than one type of training to give you a solid feel for the whole process.

  • TeleclassInternational offers an extensive training program and their TeleLeader Training program is now approved for 15 CCEU's (Continuing Coaching Educational Units).  I have often been impressed by teleclass leaders who have taken this program.  24/7 Coaching also offers a version of this training.































  • The free service bridge line that I has work for me very well (so far) is  You do need to book in advance and get a line and access code but that probably results in no over loading.  You can even send out invitations from here but the input can be a little tedious unless this is a regular distribution list you will be using.  Be warned:  If it is an important or fee based teleclass, I strongly recommend paying for a reliable service.
  • Free Audio Conferencing seems like a great system and one that I tried to use but it didn't work out for me.

  • Mr. Conference This is the largest free teleconference service in the world. Check out their sample number: 305-503-6666 Ext. 681. I have experienced over loads on the system and cannot recommend this service. 

  • Easy Conference is also free and has some very interesting features such as emails those invited to attend with the phone number and extension.  Participants can then accept or decline.  I do use this and can recommend this service.

  • Teleclass International  has an extensive array of options and services, including taping your class.  You really need to check these guys out and their prices seem very reasonable.  They have a comparison chart you might want to review.

  • Teleclass4U  offers two options for teleconference line rentals – hourly ($20) or annually ($900).  These guys have great training and the first two classes are free.

  •  No longer being offered.

  • If you are a member of ICF, I would strongly consider checking out some of the benefits as a member that you have regarding the rental and in some instances the free use of a bridge line.

  • WebValance is exclusively for consultants and coaches. Many services including newsletter hosting and bridge line rental.

  • RentaBridge  has lines available within Northern CA and Seattle WA area codes for as little as$10 US per hour when you buy 10 hours or more (to be used any time in the next year).

Barbra Sunquist has a great article on how to Record Teleclasses and Online Audio in her Step-by-Step Guide for Stress-Free Recording

  • If you want to get someone else to tape and record your teleclasses and convert then into various formats for your web site, I would love to recommend my tech guy, Gerry. You can find out more about All Conference Call.
  • A service that interests me that I haven't tired out but plan to is: Record My Teleclass
  • TeleclassInternational also offers various taping services that you might want to check out. 
  • Audio Podium from Ed Shea is a great resource and service.  An AudioPodium records teleclasses, promotions, panel discussions or interviews for your business, product or practice. Up to 240 people can dial in and listen to your recording simultaneously.  Cost is $120/year for your OWN AudioPodium
  • I am currently using High Speed Conferencing Premium with Skype to record classes and use "local" lines so that there is minimal long distance for my participants.  Cost is a mere $4.95 a month.




 I don't like spending money but after trying the free trial, I had to have this software.  If you have trouble keeping track of usernames and passwords you will LOVE this program.  I now have over 100 passwords carefully stored and protected by RoboForm.

AudioGenerator.Com automatically builds solid rapport with even your most skeptical prospects by expressing trust, credibility and authority of the human voice.

This remarkable breakthrough in Internet marketing technology instantly injects the power of the human voice into your Websites and emails … even if you have no technological skills whatsoever.   With one click, you’ll get 24-hour access to record an unlimited number of audio testimonials day after day, month after month … and instantly upload them to your Website(s) by simply cutting and pasting a single line of text!







You know that I feel you can have your web site hosted for much less than these organizations. However, they do all the work, have some extra features you may or may not need and do cater specifically to coaches.  All of these come recommended to me however, I do not have any first hand knowledge of these services.

Don't want to have all the  associated costs but would like a simple turnkey web site?  Then I would strongly recommend Go Daddy.  Silly name but a great place to register your domain, host it AND use their simple web design plans. I use them for lots of stuff related to the web.

I have hosted with lots of providers but have now moved all over to  BlueHost.












At some point you may want to consider taking credit cards for payments.  
  • Practice Pay Solutions - I used them to help set up my credit card account in Canada.  These guys understand the needs and requirements of coaches and are responsive.  They were very helpful and cost effective for my uses.  I have heard were some credit card companies will require a deposit. 
  • I have also been very please with CartVille (sister to ShoppingCart1, to process the on-line aspect of my e-commerce. You can try them out for 30 days but you do need to be able to take credit card payments for this to be truly worthwhile.
  • AMEX - Some colleagues have found American Express the most reasonable for small businesses.  However, in my experience, the fees and delays to put in one's account make this rather an expensive approach.
  • I know of many coaches who have found PayPal works just fine for them.  I resisted for a long time but have recently opened an account and it works very well.
  • Some of my colleagues are recommending WorldPay which takes 3 currencies for one fee.






I don't know if liability insurance is important but here is a resource for the US.  The International Association of Coaches now offers liability coverage in all 50 states.  You may also want to check out the ICF which has arrangements with Loomis & Co - but Canada and some states are not included.

For an article on the subject check out:



















  • Check out Patsi Krakoff's Customized Newsletters "Secrets of Successful Ezines" is a resource you should seriously consider for your e-marketing toolbox.  Patsi Krakoff and Elge Premeau have created an incredibly detailed workbook and resource for coaches, and really any solo professional, to use to create and publish an effective ezine. 

  • Action Plan Marketing may be a good resource for you.  I encourage you to get the free Marketing Plan Workbook below along with his More Clients eZine.

  • FillYourPractice offers some great marketing resources. I highly recommend Five Essential Steps to a Full and Fulfilling Practice.  You will receive one lesson, by email, every day for the next 5 days.  For the moment it is still free but sign up soon.   I also tried out a free online trial of the Coaching Practice Incubator course and am so impressed I may purchase the program.

  • C. J. Hayden's Book "Get Clients Now" is a great resource.  Check out her site.
  • Coaching Matters is a coaching newsletter you can purchase use in print or electronic version with your contact information on the cover.

  • Want to start creating your own newsletter or fancy announcement?  I recently discovered the following service which is great if you have a small distribution list.  In fact if you have a list of under 50 you can use it for free.  I recommend trying Constant Contact.  It can be time consuming and certainly isn't cheap but it is very impressive.  I experienced some difficulties with blocking of emails.
  • Like Robert Middleton, I think that the best email service is Aweber
  • For my shopping cart I use a reseller of  an excellent shopping cart system called 1shoppingcart.


I have been a subscriber to Soundview Executive Book Summaries for over 15 years and I highly recommend considering this option to stay on top of pertinent and current topics. 

Peer Resources has an interesting list of Coaching Books, Tapes and Videos.  




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