As a Mentor & Leadership Coach, I work primarily with two types of individuals:

  1. Other coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs who want to take their practice to the next level.

  2. Entrepreneurs and middle managers who have made a commitment to improving their leadership abilities

Click on the icon below to hear an introduction:

To access key resources aimed specifically for coaches:  

For various formal programs over and above coaching:   

To access assessments aimed specifically for coaches:    

All clients will receive these upgrades that other coaches do not offer:

  • Weekly emails specific to your program, such as the motivational series or the leadership trends series.
  • Discounts of all teleclass programs

In addition, depending on the coaching program that you select, you will be given a user name and password to access:

    • The Technology Handbook
    • Various assessments such as the MBTI, The Platinum Rule and DISC
    • The Assessment Handbook
    • Special free teleclasses

Here are the results you will achieve:

    • Increased understanding and ease of use of the tools you have chosen to master
    • Improved entrepreneurial and business skills
    • Greater confidence
    • Broader networks
    • The ability to research and find your own answers
    • Financial success as you define it

"Your coaching has helped me take action towards creating a website that
would otherwise still be in the dreaming stage. Specifically, the process
has helped me identify some of the things that are holding me back, not only
in the creation of the site, but in the building of my practice. Last, but
not least, your technical savvy is awesome!"
                              Dana Richardson, Career/Life Coach - Facilitator
                              Success Strategies

"I was amazed at how much I accomplished with Roberta's help. Her strength
is making the complex seem doable."
                              Charlotte Ringling Farrior
                              The Coaching Connection

"I have a renewed vigor and interest in marketing my business.  My marketing plan has  been overhauled, I am investigating some new strategic options  and I am signing on new clients and  generating potential clients.  Roberta is a coach who is very direct, honest, experienced and successful to discuss ideas with.
                              Mary Jo Asmus
                              Aspire Collaborative Services

Four a more in-depth look at the real cases studies, click here.

Certified Corporate Coach  Certified Teleclass Leader

Providing Coaching Services in leadership, technology, assessments, learning styles, teleclasses, and training

Providing Management Consulting Services in facilitation, training, restructuring conflict resolution, team building, coaching, leadership and communications (specifically body language)



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