Have you been thinking that it is about time you caught the wave of the future and got yourself a business web site?  Have you been delaying because you find it overwhelming or intimidating?

Yes, So What?

I can help you get comfortable with the world wide web, the internet and email without hassle.

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Hi. My name is Roberta Hill and I have been working in the area of Human Resources and Organization Development since 1978.  I work as a professional business coach as well as consult to both public and private sectors on issues surrounding change and transition. I really want other coaches, consultants and new entrepreneurs to have a small presence on the web – It's a great way to set out what you do and who you are and what sets you apart form others. Perhaps it is your way of business planning or a way for you to establish a virtual brochure. Whatever your reasons, putting up a web site isn’t hard and it is really worth doing. Through technology we are enable to deliver our service. Unfortunately, many of us are unable to find answers or understand what we really need. I see lots of over-priced options and techno-babble. I know from experience, it can be affordable.

Who Am I?

I have had no formal "IT" training. I am not a techno geek but I do love technology and I am comfortable with it. At the moment, I have four domain names, all linked, and all relatively transparent.  I own another three domain names.  I am currently with three different web-hosting services and have tried two others. I am on my fourth ISP (internet service provider). Believe me, I have been jerked around. But finally, I am beginning to learn the terrain and now have a good understanding of what makes sense and what needs to be done.  However, I am not an expert web designer.

It isn't just about the World Wide Web and Internet either.  Besides computers and printers and other peripherals, there are decisions to be made about software, and telephone services and PDA's and on and on and on. . . 

How Did I Do It?

Well, it was a lot of trial and error and asking lots of questions.  I had help setting up my first web site, just as you might, but then I was self-taught.  I wanted to be in charge of what was happening and I wanted to be able to update the sites regularly. How did I do it?

    Lots of interest
    More time than most
    Playing around and experimenting
    Checking out other sites
    Reading web e-zines and books for dummies

I have decided to help other coaches and entrepreneurs set up their own virtual resume - a functional, simple web site along with four to five months of coaching on issues around technology and organization.

A Four Month Coaching Commitment 

For the same price as regular coaching!


What Will The Coaching Look Like?

The weekly telephone sessions will last 30 minutes (approximately 3/month for a total of 15) on specific topics that will assist you in marketing a professional image in the most cost effective manner.  

My goal is to work with you as you improve your business results through the use of technology.  I also promise that you will increase your comfort with the use of technology in general.  

Each week I will call you based on our pre-arranged times. The first month will be quite structured.  We will focus on incorporating your values and personality into your web design.  Then, you decide on your goals and topics for subsequent sessions.

These coaching topics might include:

   my web site - explaining the jargon, what are the basics, what do I really need to know
   telecommunications - types of service and long distance
   soft copy -  e-mail preferences, aliases, signatures, the value of a free e-mail account, filing and folders
   hard copy - transferring brochures, business cards and bios
   various methods of payment - including credit cards
   equipment and software - the minimum needed and backups
   the internet and world wide web - making the most of it
   virtual networking - newsletters, intranets, teleclasses, marketing
   basic organizational skills -accounting, paperwork, filing, records
   time management
   business planning and strategy


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If you are afraid – We can create ways to move forward. 
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"Your coaching has helped me take action towards creating a website that
would otherwise still be in the dreaming stage. Specifically, the process
has helped me identify some of the things that are holding me back, not only
in the creation of the site, but in the building of my practice. Last, but
not least, your technical savvy is awesome!"
                              Dana Richardson, Career/Life Coach - Facilitator
                              Success Strategies

"I was amazed at how much I accomplished with Roberta's help. Her strength
is making the complex seem doable."
                              Charlotte Ringling Farrior
                              The Coaching Connection


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