Explain To Me What Else I Will Get 

If you don't have a domain name, I will walk you through the following:

    You will have a one page Web Presence up and running within one week of signing on.  See the samples below.  This final version is pretty close to the original "store fronts" that were load within three days.  Feel free to contact them directly for information.

Ann Laidlaw             Audrey Bufton                                                
Coach                    Writer                                               

SAMPLE FOUR         SAMPLE FIVE                SAMPLE SIX  
Dana Richardson          Theresa Humphrys               Louise Poliquin       
              Coach                          Trainer                        OD Consultant       

      Registering your domain name (There is an additional cost to you that will be determined by the number of years you select, but plan for $150 US up front and paid directly to the registering agent of domain names.)  

     A Yearly $29 US administration fee for free hosting. (This would be with a web hosting service that I have identified that offers 20MB storage and two POP e-mail account if you register the domain name with them.)

     Other good hosting with more storage and service will run around $99 US per year.

If you do have a domain name:

     We will select a web hosting service that meets your needs


     If you have a server and a page set up we will review it and make modifications.   


   Weekly telephone sessions (about 15 in total) with regular e-mail support

   A preplanning package to help us get focused on what you need to achieve with on-going "lessons" and references through the internet


   4 Ė 10 web pages using Front Page 2000 (This is a basic layout and does not include frames, CGI bins, extensions, pull downs, real-audio, e-commerce or designer graphics. If you know what all of this is, then you donít need my services)

   E-mail forwarding from "me@myname.com" to your own regular e-mail account. (You will need your own e-mail, even if it is free, and access to the internet.)

   Initial submission to the top ten search engines (Not Yahoo - sorry)

   A CD ROM with your web site in the standard format which is HTML, the FTP parameters (This is so you can easily load up web pages in the future) and any other relevant documentation


What Will It Cost?

$2,500.00 US (the regular price for coaching alone) $800 payable at the start by Visa or cheque and then two equal payments in months three and four.  (Canadian cost is $3,500.00.)

There is a cost effective eLesson version.  Call me for details.                877 . 323 . 9137

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"Your coaching has helped me take action towards creating a website that
would otherwise still be in the dreaming stage. Specifically, the process
has helped me identify some of the things that are holding me back, not only
in the creation of the site, but in the building of my practice. Last, but
not least, your technical savvy is awesome!"
                              Dana Richardson, Career/Life Coach - Facilitator
                              Success Strategies

"I was amazed at how much I accomplished with Roberta's help. Her strength
is making the complex seem doable."
                              Charlotte Ringling Farrior
                              The Coaching Connection


You may want to check out FAQ for more information about how I approach coaching in general.

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